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Solvang and Vicinity - Southern California

All kinds of great drives in this area. Some samples:

Jalama Road: A pastoral road that winds over a low mountain range, through ranch and farmlands, oak groves, and eventually makes it down to a campground on a quiet stretch of beach. Jalama Road intersects Highway 1 just a few miles south of Santa Rosa Road. If you tell the Park Rangers you're going to the campground store for lunch, they'll waive the entry fee. Do get something at the store, it is a snapshot of 1950's California beach history, making one long for the simpler uncrowded times of that era. Get a 'Jalama Burger' and enjoy the great views, then go for a nice walk on the beach!

Buelton - Los Alamos - Sisquoc - Solvang Loop: Jeff Trask pieced this one together for the 2009 North Meets South drive. The drive starts just west of Buelton on Highway 246, then:
5 miles: turn right on Drum Canyon Road
14.4 miles: Turn right onto Main Street in the town of Los Alamos.
14.9 miles: Turn left onto HWY 101 North
16.7 miles: Exit onto Cat Canyon Road
25.7 miles: Turn left onto Palmer Canyon Road.
26.2 miles: Turn right onto Old Dominon Road
32.8 miles: Turn Left onto Foxen Canyon Road
35.1 miles: Turn right onto Philbric Road.
36.1 miles: Bear right, staying on Philbric Road
36.6 miles: Veer Left onto Main Street
39.7 miles: Right onto Suey Road.
43.3 miles: Right onto Highway 166
55.3 miles: Right onto Tepusquet Road
69.8 miles: Right onto Santa Maria Road.
74.2 miles: Left onto Foxen Canyon Road
76.8 miles: Left turn in the town of Sisquoc to remain on Foxen Canyon Road
80.4 miles: Optional detour into Rancho Sisquoc Vineyards - highly recommended detour. Their Reisling was outstanding.
Foxen Canyon Road will take you back into Solvang.

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